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Current Projects

Merced Foundation aims to connect, encourage and add value to nonprofit organizations through assistance and donations. Currently, we are evaluating research and data from their previous grant partners so they can determine future needs of the community. Gaining knowledge about the outcomes and changes being made by our partners has a direct effect on individuals welfare and making greater changes for our community as a whole. The more we learn as a foundation, the more effective action we can take to help others. 


If you feel you have a organization or a cause that is worth our attention please read more about our grantee selection process and application criteria.

Merced Foundation current initiatives Image by Wonderlane

Previous Grantees

 It is a privilege to be able to encourage and support great people and non profits, with their effort and drive to help we have been able to make a positive impact in Texas. We are inspired to create change in our community and add support to organizations who are putting in the hard work for people who need a helping hand. Below are the organisations who have been selected by Merced Foundation to receive awards.

Merced Foundation grants and awards 2020
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