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2019 - 2020  Merced Foundation Grantees

Grant recipients during 2019 - 2020 included some remarkable organizations and people who worked in the community to help inspire change and offer support to so many families. During unprecedented times we have seen so many come together and generosity of spirit continue. Merced Foundation Grantees efforts included supporting disaster relief efforts, continued education and housing and immigration support. Highlights from our grant recipients are below.

Caritas of Austin, Texas

Caritas of Austin

Caritas of Austin is working to prevent and end homelessness in Austin, building wellbeing by making sure hundreds of people each year have access to safe homes, jobs that provide a reliable living wage, and the opportunity to learn life skills. 


Merced Foundation  continued investments in Caritas’s Employment Services supported job placement, training, education and living needs support. Clients put the work in to better the future and we have seen so many incredible stories from this program.


Greater Houston Community Foundation

The Greater Houston Community Foundation established the COVID-19 Relief Fund to help distribute much needed assistance to many in the Houston area.


Merced Foundation donated to the relief effort to help provide basic necessities and safety and protective wear to the community. COVID-19 has changed the non-profit sector putting a strain of many of the general funding needs for operations and assistance. Making it important to continue to assist our grantees however possible in the future.

Ronald McDonal House Central Texas

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Texas (RMHC CTX)

2020 was another busy year for Ronald McDonald House Charites of Central Texas (RMHC CTX). Offering support to families and keeping them together during treatments and care.


Merced Foundation was able to help assist with the new build providing a kitchenette in rooms to help assist with support and feeding for families.

Prison Ent. Program women graduates 2020

Prison Entrepreneurship Program

PEP is an established non profit organization who works tirelessly to help provide resources and value based business skills to inmates in their program, equipping them to lead productive lives in their community.


Merced Foundation has created a valuable relationship with PEP and supports their ongoing mission to transform lives. Providing opportunities for so many to make positive changes for their future.

Catholic Charities Central Texas

Catholic Chairties of Central Texas

CCCTX staff were deployed to McAllen, TX to assist Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley during the family separation crisis and continued efforts for immigration relief.


We assisted families with legal advice regarding their asylum claims and court dates and distributed bus tickets, food, clothing, and hygiene products to immigrants fleeing violence in their home countries.

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