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Application Requirements and Grantee Selection

Application Criteria

As the Merced Foundation continues to grow the requests we receive for various awards and grantees increase. In order for us to make the best decisions on how to invest our resources we need as much information as possible.

To be eligible for a grant award you will need to:


1. Submit Registration of Intent

2. Merced Foundation will contact you back to schedule site visit

3. Submit Grant Application and documentation by deadline July 21, 2021.

Download Merced Grant Application Guidelines.


Submissions without all documentation will not be eligible for review. Grant submissions should be sent to

The foundation does not donate to individuals, political groups, fundraising or marketing events. We only considers grant requests from tax-exempt charitable organizations, as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The Merced Foundation reviews all proposals and rewards grantees within the year of submission. If the submission is not going to be selected we will notify why and if there is any possibility for selection in the future.

Funding Cycles

Merced Foundation allocates rewards to grantees annually. The next submission deadlines is July 21, 2021. Applicants should have their information submitted before the deadline to be considered including a site visit and any additional parameters before the subsequent deadline.


There has been occasions where Merced Foundation will issue a grant outside of the deadline however there will need to extenuating circumstances and any awards made outside of the deadline will be decided upon by the foundation.

Grant Evaluation and End of Cycle Report 

It is important we receive feedback from the grantee on the success and possible failures of the award so we can learn, evaluate and make educated decisions for future awards. Grantees will be required to submit a End of Cycle Report about the process of the project, budget, success and limitations. As well as any accompanying qualitative and quantitive measures that can further evaluate the grant performance. 

A general outline of measurable outcomes to evaluate is available, but all grantees should tailor the information to suite their own specific parameters.

Download End of Cycle Report Guidelines

In most cases, any future awards will not be issued until final evaluation has been submitted.

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