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Merced Foundation was established in 2014 and has become a valued partner and donor for a variety of organizations and foundations within Texas. The foundation was created with a vision to add support to peoples lives, especially during transitional periods, and a goal to make an impact in the community for generations to come. The main initiatives of the Merced Foundation include education, transitional living and assistance, providing basic needs, counseling and relationship support.

Merced Foundation is interested in helping different groups throughout the United States, Texas in particular has been one of the main action zones. The foundation members feel strongly about supporting their community and have been privileged to be part of inspiring and positive outcomes for some of the most vulnerable in our region. Merced Foundation has awarded over one million dollars in grants since its inception and has a continued drive to provide funding for the future.



Merced Foundation is a registered non profit organization with Guidestar. You can see the listing and find out more about the foundation and the accreditation process on the GuideStar Website

Striving for Change

The main focus of the Merced Foundation is to enable and assist people during a time of hardship and help them transition to a brighter future. We believe strongly in the power of education and that with assistance and the right mindset, anyone can change their lives for the better through education.


But sometimes it can be difficult to focus on education when you are still worrying about you or your families health and well being. Wether it be sickness, counselling or providing basic necessities these physiological and safety needs have to be met before anyone can focus on education.


Merced Foundation has decided to focus on supporting people through a transitional period because there are so many people in different stages of need, but the one thing they have in common is striving for a better future. The goal is to provide support to as many people as possible and enable change in their lives for the better.

View some of the wonderful outreach programs we have previously partnered with here.

Merced Foundation giving initiatives
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